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As an experienced and versatile copywriter I can provide you with cost-effective solutions for all your…

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Christine Michael - Copywriting services

The chances are we’re meeting like this because you’re looking for someone to write clear, sparkling content for your business. Copy that makes your audiences want to get to know you, engage with you and buy from you.


Ideally, you’d write your own content, because no one understands your business and its unique offering as well as you do. Deciding to hire someone to write about your brand is a big step. So why would you choose me?


My words, your voice

You need your brand to communicate in its own unique voice, not standard-issue business-speak. I can work with you to help you talk to your audiences clearly, consistently and in line with your brand’s personality.

I ask – and listen

I approach your project like a journalist (because I trained as one). Before writing a word about your business, I’ll study your brief, research your market and ask you informed questions – lots of questions – to help me learn all the compelling stories your brand has to tell.


Undivided attention on you

You can be sure your project comes first with me. I don’t over-stuff my schedule or turn out one-size-fits-all copy. When we’re working together, I’m on your team.


Christine Michael

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